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 .RS ccTLD is not connected in any way to the .СРБ cirilic IDN extension

The ".RS" is the ccTLD for Serbia, while the corresponding IDN is ".СРБ" (cirilic) which is registered separately, and at the moment there is no ownership relevance between the two.   In the case...

 Are there any documents, needed for .rs registration?

No. The RS central registry, RNIDS, no longer requires documentation to register a .RS domain.

 Are there any residency requirements for .RS registration?

No. There is no residency requirements for .RS domains.  RS domain names are available for registration worldwide.

 Are there any specific requirements for registering a .rs domain?

No. There is no special requirements for .rs registration. Anybody can register a .RS domain.

 How many years can I register .RS domain names?

The minimum registration period for .rs domains is 1 year, and the maximum registration period is 10 years.

 How to change the Registrant (owner) of an .rs domain

Domain owner (contact information) change with an .RS domain is a paid service per RNIDS (domain operator) rules and regulations, and it can be ordered solely from the current domain owner Istanco...

 Who can register a .RS Domain?

Anybody can register a .RS domain. A Registrant can be a domestic or foreign, physical person or legal entity.