.AX Domain Name registration

Monday, May 22, 2017

The .AX domain name is a ccTLD for Aland Islands, one of the smallest regions and a province of Finland, and as such the best choice for a local presence website, but not limited to. The .AX extension was created in 1996 for entities affiliated to this country. The Aland Islands are an archipelago in the Baltic Sea at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia, with their primary language spoken being Swedish.

There are no restrictions - Individuals and legal entities are allowed to register a domain name with a .ax extension on a first come, first served basis.

Their economy is based on a shipping industry with a small number of carriers, while the rest of it are trade and tourism, and a few high-profile technology companies. It is worth noting that the Aland Islands are considered to be in the top 20 of the European Union's wealthiest regions. Consequently, companies doing business in the region that want to target the Aland's market would benefit greatly from the .ax extension. The high namespace availability of the .AX domains provides you to find a domain name that fits the perfect match for your business, company, product or marketing campaign which can hardly be done with a more recognized .COM domain extension. 

You will be able to pick a catchy, short, easy to spell, and easy to say domain name with .AX domain extension, the best domain for your business. The .AX domain extension does not have a specific purpose and is recognized for its general-use purpose globally, meaning that it is also a perfect fit for any website targeting a global audience.

Regarding SEO strength, for international websites, it has equal search ranking strength, while in a local search it is favored by search engines. Domain extensions such as .AX are still in their early days but demand is likely to become higher as time goes on, meaning that you should consider registering names relevant to your business which will keep others from grabbing them. Because of its higher than average domain registration price the .AX domain extension has never been the choice for illegal websites, which makes the reputation of .AX domains excellent

If your business clients fear for security concerns such as phishing attacks, having an .AX domain for your website, coupled with an SSL certificate, can be a very good choice. After you have secured your domain name, it’s time to start establishing your brand and attracting audiences from around the world.

How to register a .AX domain name?

The .AX domain registrations started in 2006 and as of 5th September 2016 the extension is released and all restrictions are waived, meaning that anyone who wishes can register an available domain.

There are no restrictions - Individuals and legal entities alike are allowed to register a domain name with .AX extension on a first come, first served basis.

There is no residency requirement for this domain registration. You do not have to own a trademark or brand name to be able to register .AX domain name. Istanco provides safe and reliable .AX domain registration for its clients, with no additional or hidden fees.

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